Email Dumpster Diving

“Well the last time you went to see the porn material websites, my spyware ended up being activated inside your computer which ended up documenting a eye-catching video of your masturbation act simply by activating your web camera,” the letter reads. “I have got the whole recording. If perhaps you think I’m messing around, simply reply proof and I will be forwarding the particular recording randomly to 10 people you know.”

It’s the unthinkable for many, and unbearable for majority. What ended up as a 5 minutes bedroom fun has turned into a disaster. “You got a incredibly unusual taste by the way haha,” jeered the email. Wait, they couldn’t have possibly known what I clicked on… right? What did I click on..?

I recently realised that one of my very old email accounts from about 10 years ago is still working. Fancying a little nostalgia, I logged into the account –– to various spam mails. A blackmail letter caught my eye, so I thought I will dig deeper into it!

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