Securing WordPress: Unprivileged LXC Container on Ubuntu

WordPress is one of the most popular content-management system in the world. Powering 33% of the top sites according to Wikipedia1, it therefore shouldn’t be surprising that WordPress is commonly targeted by hackers and script-kiddies alike. Plugins and themes are what make WordPress great and well-loved, but they are also a common entry point for hackers –– a 2016 Wordfence survey2 found that compromised plugins contributes to more than 55% of the hacks.

While many sources online offer WordPress security hardening tips and techniques3, an unprivileged Linux container will complement these techniques to offer greater security and isolation.

This post will show you how to install WordPress on an existing website in an unprivileged Linux container, so it gets harder for malicious actor to gain root of your entire system, and set up Apache2 reverse proxy to expose the WordPress to the Internet.

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